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Our success comes from hiring amazing people.

Our company culture is based on commitment, collaboration, responsibility and innovation. We encourage new ideas and provide the means to develop them in an agile and pleasant workplace.

Everyone can express their talents!

We wish to meet passionate, agile collaborators in a cutting-edge technological environment and motivated by the discovery of financial markets.


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Quantitative Trading & Research

In the center of ABC ecosystem and in the heart of the trading floor, our trading approach is technological. We are facing the technical and strategic challenges of our business by working in close collaboration with all other services.

Information System & Development

Most of our software is developed internally, from the trading platform to the back-office systems. Working closely with other experts to imagine, create and optimize the tools used by all.

Financial Operations

As a part of the trading floor, we are dealing directly with our financial counterparties and bring our expertise to optimize asset management.

My first steps

We place particular emphasis on onboarding, key of success of a good recruitment.

We want every new team member to acquire the knowledge and culture necessary to be effective and autonomous in their new position, fully integrated into our teams and involved in our organization.

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Meetups per year

CentralSupelec & X ForumsEvent

Have you recently completed a master‘s or Phd in a scientific field? Come and talk directly with the operational staff at our booth!

Afterwork recruitment per year

Meetup DDD

ABC arbitrage has hosted the Domain Driven Design (DDD) Meetup. DDD aims to better manage the complexity of building systems by defining a common vision and language which is shared by all those involved (including users) in the construction of the system.